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Equity and Inclusion Scheme 2022-24

Equity and Inclusion Action Plan - Objective 3

Ensure equity is embedded within all key WMCA work areas, the WMCA has a strong regional influencing role around the equalities agenda and decision making is informed by the needs of our diverse communities


Embedding equitable outcomes


Ensure equitable considerations are embedded within all key WMCA work areas and are an integral element of the decision making process

Actions required

Ensure equality impact assessments are conducted for all key strategies, schemes, deliverables and policies and that they help inform decision making

Revisit outcomes for groups disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and take action to address impact

Develop clear diversity objectives and targets across all key WMCA delivery areas and ensure progress on the delivery of the agenda is monitored and reported on in



Community engagement and co-production


Engage with more of the region’s diverse communities to inform the development and delivery of our strategies and programmes

Actions required

Develop, communicate and promote co- production principles across the WMCA and ensure there are mechanisms to ensure co- production outcomes are reflected in policy making

Define and articulate who WMCA communities are and identify how best to engage them and involve them in the decision making process

Continue engagement with a range of community groups across all protected characteristics to further understand some of the barriers they face and ensure community engagement input feeds into the Equality Impact Assessment process

Continue to consult with equality/community group contacts on emerging policies/ strategies/reviews/schemes making sure they are involved in all aspects of service development and use feedback to shape policies/strategies.

Deliver a varied portfolio of citizen engagement activity, such as the Skills Street team, to inform residents and future planning and to ensure our decisions are shaped by residents



Social Value


Deliver equity through procurement by making sure that practices are fair, contractors abide by key equality principles and social value is delivered through WMCA contracts

Actions required

Continue to include equality considerations in key procurement documents

Ensure equality remains a mandatory assessment criterion as part of the PQQ process

Continue to promote the benefits of inclusion and diversity to our suppliers through regular communications

Collect diversity data on business procurement, use that information to identify gaps and inform procurement application targets



Influencing change and diverse leadership


Work with regional stakeholders to improve diversity at senior levels and identify systematic opportunities for change

Actions required

Implement key RACE Code principles within the WMCA

Continue to run a Young Combined Authority and ensure there is a platform for it to challenge, inform and influence WMCA policy development and decision making

Support Leadership Commission activity to drive systematic change and improve diversity at senior levels

Support and engage with established diversity networks (e.g. West Midlands Women’s Voice) to drive change and influence policy

Convene a new Race Equalities Taskforce to guide and drive action by WMCA and in the region to address racial inequalities

Convene a Life Chances Commission to better understand barriers facing young people in the region and shape targeted initiatives to address them

Convene partners through a Coalition for Digital inclusion

Convene a Mental Health Commission to understand key priorities following Covid-19