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Equity and Inclusion Scheme 2022-24

Monitoring and reviewing the scheme

We will develop metrics to measure our progress towards the scheme action plan. The WMCA Senior Leadership Team will monitor the delivery of the plan to measure progress against objectives and to identify new actions, as appropriate. The outcomes of the review will be collated in an annual progress report, alongside monitoring data. The report will be communicated to the Audit Risk Committee and the Combined Authority Board.

The Equity and Inclusion Scheme will be fully reviewed and amended on a three-yearly basis, with the next version of the scheme due in January 2025. Even though a full review will take place in 2024 we consider this scheme to be a living document, constantly open for scrutiny, comment, consultation

and enhancement. Equalities is a constantly changing field. Comments, suggestions and advice are welcomed throughout our equalities work and so the scheme may be amended prior to the date specified. This scheme is publicly available on the Combined Authority website and to staff on our internal intranet site.

Responsibility and Accountability

All staff in the course of their employment and others associated with the WMCA have a responsibility to ensure that their actions comply with the requirements of WMCA equality policies and the Equity and Inclusion Scheme

The following groups have specific responsibilities

  • The Inclusive Communities Portfolio Lead member has overall responsibility and accountability for ensuring effective delivery of the Scheme Objectives
  • The Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) is responsible for providing a consistent and high-profile lead on equity, equality and diversity issues and for promoting equality and diversity strategies and equitable outcomes both inside and outside the WMCA.
  • All heads and managers are responsible for ensuring that the Equity and Inclusion Scheme is implemented and maintained within their area of responsibility, ensuring all staff are fully informed about their responsibilities and receive support and training in carrying them out.
Consultation Feedback, Queries and Questions

For consultation feedback, questions or queries and if you feel that the WMCA has not acted in accordance with its Equality Act duties, please contact the Equalities and Diversity Manager at:

WMCA, 16 Summer Lane, Birmingham, B19 3SD


If you would like a copy of this document in a form more suited to your needs, please contact our Customer Services Team at

Phone: 0345 303 6760

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