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Equity and Inclusion Scheme 2022-24

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WMCA Corporate Aims and Objectives 2022-24

The Strategy sets out the overall vision, aims and objectives of the WMCA, and articulates its role in responding to the key challenges facing the region. The strategy has six core aims, that of promoting inclusive economic growth in every corner of the region; ensuring everyone has the opportunity to benefit; connecting our communities; reducing carbon emissions; securing new powers and resources from central government and developing our organisation and our role as a regional partner

Movement for Growth

“Movement for Growth”, Transport for the West Midland’s (TFWM) Strategic Transport Plan is the long term, overall transport strategy document for the West Midlands. Together with a 2026 Delivery Plan, Movement for Growth details ambitious plans to greatly improve the transport system to support economic growth and regeneration; underpin new development and housing; and improve air quality, the environment and social inclusion. Providing transport investment to reduce transport poverty and social isolation, health inequalities and encourage positive mental health is a key objective in the strategy.

Local Industrial Strategy

The Local Industrial Strategy sets out the strategic priorities and opportunities for driving growth and productivity improvements.

Strategic Economic Plan (SEP)

SEP sets out the vision for improving the quality of life for everyone in the West Midlands. The plan shows how the WMCA will use devolved powers and resources to deliver a stronger West Midlands with a focus on skills, innovation, transport and inward investment.

West Midlands State of the Region Report

The State of the Region Report provides an annual review of performance in the West Midlands across a range of economic and social indicators. The report provides an outline of where the region stands performance wise, to also include key equality performance figures. Developed in collaboration with key partners, the State of the Region Report outlines key areas of future focus, with a strong focus on supporting positive equitable outcomes.

Health of the Region Report 2020

The HOTR 2020 report highlighted persistent and widening health inequalities across the region, and how these stark inequalities were exposed and exacerbated by Covid-19. It creates a common purpose with a multitude of partners, a framework for whole system commitment on key priorities and a platform for continued action on inequalities. The report represents a fundamental shift towards tackling the entrenched social disadvantages that underlie the causes of poor health.


A strategy to support the region achieving a net zero carbon target by 2041. A five-year plan highlights short and medium-term actions to meet the climate crisis with inclusivity, prosperity and fairness

Numerous additional strategies, policies and schemes have been developed to help support our wider objectives. including:

  • Regional Skills Plan

  • Skills Deal

  • Housing Deal

  • Single Commissioning Framework

  • West Midlands on the Move

  • Thrive West Midlands

  • Inclusive Growth Decision-Making Tool

  • #WM2041